This is a CMS and eligibility engine that I developed for a health care company. Each health insurance company has 20-50 different rules that determine if a patient is eligible for a DNA test. The health insurance rules are based on the patient's medical history and the patient's family medical history. A rule might be "patient must have this disease before age 50"; or "patient must have this disease at any age and the patient must have 2 first or second degree relatives with these diseases before age 45". So I built a CMS that allowed us to input all those rules into the database.

Then the patient uses a webpage form to enter their medical history and their family medical history. The eligibility engine runs that medical history data across the health insurance rules in the database to determine if the patient is eligible to receive the DNA test.

This was built with C#, SQL Server, LINQ, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AngularJS. The project date is November 2016 to March 2017.