This is a patient bulk importer I built for a health care web portal. Doctors can upload patient lists in either .csv, .xls or .xlsx format. Then an admin user can click an analyze button for each uploaded file which indicates whether or not the file will import properly. The analyzer displays all the used and unused column names as well as the first 150 converted records. After an uploaded file has been analyzed an admin user can then click an import button to import the records into the database.

The importer supports any column names in any order. Duplicate patients are not imported. Metadata above and below the patient records is automatically removed. The first and last name can be in one column or two columns. The street address can be in one column or four columns. Separate code is not needed for each EMR format. This system replaces their old system where they were writing a separate Node.js script for each uploaded file.

This was built with C#, SQL Server, LINQ, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AngularJS. The project date is summer 2017.